Monday, June 16, 2008

Chuck Todd for MTP

The terrible passing of Tim Russert has left NBC in an unexpected search to find a successor for Meet the Press. Perhaps it is too soon to be discussing such matters, but I believe that Chuck Todd is the best choice to be the new Meet the Press moderator.

Todd, like Russert, has an encyclopedic knowledge of American politics. His breaking down of delegate math during the long Democratic primaries was without equal. Todd expresses his opinion in a purely analytical sense, he is the only regular MSNBC commentator who I have no idea what his personal politics are. Russert, despite having spent his early career working for New York Democrats like Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Mario Cuomo also kept his political views close to the vest, allowing him to secure the best guests on Sunday television.

By going with Todd, NBC would put the vigor of youth into Meet the Press. Andrea Mitchell and David Shuster are both accomplished and credible journalists, but I doubt if they have the force of personality to carry a Sunday show like Russert did. Watch the old HotlineTV videos on YouTube and you’ll see Todd be funny and engaging with his co-host John Mercurio. Todd is the only serious candidate being mentioned with an internet background and has by far the best understanding of the new media. If Meet the Press is going to maintain its standing, some measure of appeal to younger viewers will have to be made. Todd is the best chance they have.